Aman Tokyo

The famous luxury collection Aman chose to set up its first urban hotel, Aman Tokyo at the top of the Otemachi tower, above the Imperial Gardens of the capital, more precisely in the last 6 floors, between the 33rd and the 39th.

The entrance in this temple of refinement is spectacular, as one enters a huge lobby bathed in light and featuring a zen garden and some artistic achievements of Ikebana displaying an incredible fineness.

The rooms and suites, signed by the Singaporean architect firm Kerry Hill, have a contemporary and Japanese style, style that perfectly blends with the spirit of Aman, always sober and uncluttered. The rooms resemble lofts. The vast spaces feature light-coloured mixed wood, slate panels made of washi paper and Japanese bathtubs in anthracite slate, set on the edge of high bay windows, giving the sensation of bathing in weightlessness above the city and for the lucky ones, facing Mount Fuji which you can just guess in the mists.

The gourmet restaurant suggests an inventive cuisine blending Italian, European and Japanese flavours. As for the Café by Aman and its “bistrot” style, it is located at the foot of the building and in the heart of a forest as green as it is impromptu.

The Spa follows a traditional philosophy and offers baths inspired by the onsen, but also sessions of Yoga and Pilates. It also houses a huge 35-meter swimming pool with delicately dimmed lighting.