Il Salviatino

A Florentine villa, former property of an Italian aristocrat family, overlooks the rooftops of Florence in Italy. Perched on a hill in a thousand hectare park, Il Salviatino invites the traveller to live a poetic medieval experience. Restored in the 16th and 17th centuries, and then more recently, Il Salviatino unveils its Renaissance treasures : fresco painted ceiling, stone bath, marble sculpted art, ancient paintings, antiques… Because of all these features, each rooms is different to the other. They elegantly combine wooden furniture, opulent wardrobes, chimneys and glass windows with views over the gardens. The cuisine oscillates between traditional flavours and contemporary interpretations. Nomadic, it can be enjoyed anywhere you would like on the estate. In the bar-lounge which is set in the library, the aperitif can be enjoyed whilst comfortably seated on brown leather sofa. With regards to the activities on offer, the Asian style Spa, the languid swimming pool in the gardens and the proximity with Florence offer a wide range of options.