Aman Canal Grande

A Venetian dream… North of the Grand Canal close to the Rialto in Venice – a palace which travelled through time – former house for the Venetian rich families. In 1550, the houses belong to the Coccina family, later to the Tiepolo family and finally to the Papadopoli brothers. Initially owners of the Palazo Grassi, the brothers undertook the sumptuous work and created a romantic haven in the heart of the lakeside city. The Aman was seduced immediately and chose this unique place to create the luxury Aman Canal Grande composed of 24 suites where contemporary furnishings stand alongside mural painting and bas-relief. The house is decorated with art anchored in the past : lantern from the Lepante battle, marble bust of the Papadopoli family, rooftops from the Renaissance. The secret passageways of the Aman Canal Grande dissimulate a Spa, a private garden and… a rooftop terrace !