First city to be built in the United Arab Emirates, facing the Persian Gulf, the capital city of Dubai was once a long dry desert and a small pearl fishing port, and has now become a megalopolis that arouses passion.

Dubai is off limits, displaying an unreasonable taste for superlatives and records of all kinds. Liberal crossroads between orthodoxy and modernity, Dubai remains an irresistible hub.

Perpetually under construction, the development of Dubai is continuing between its major tourist projects such as the hotel Burj El Arab and also real estate with the gigantic Palm Island – a palm-shaped peninsula, Dubai Marina and its inordinate architecture or even the famous highest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa erected downtown, with its highest floor looking over the city from the top of its 828 meters!

Designed to host the World Expo in 2020, Dubai continues its frenetic race but still offers visitors many museums and a traditional souk still relatively authentic with its spices and perfumes and let’s not forget to mention the gold souk…