Chiva Som

Located on the Thai Gulf at Hua Hin and facing the rising sun, the unique universe of the luxury hotel Chiva Som is characterised by an almost medical approach to Spa. Real “Spa destination” with a know-how renowned for more than 20 years, Chiva Som offers 150 different treatments and suggest customised programmes of treatments elaborated by qualified therapists. The therapies are varied : detox, homeopathy, dermatology, physiotherapy, laser treatments, fitness, Tai Chi, Pilates, Watsu, Reiki, Yoga, relaxation, meditation… A place where you don’t stay by accident, but a place you choose to recharge and experience a total well-being experience. Even the cuisine, made only with organic vegetables and fruits, follows the strict rules of dietetics. Alcoholic drinks are only available at dinner, mobiles phones are forbidden and so are cigarettes. The rooms are divided in bungalows and pavilions and the level of comfort is equal to the magical feeling of the place.