Brenners Park Hôtel & Spa

Located on the edge of the Black Forest, in the heart of the health resort of Baden Baden, Brenners Park Hotel & Spa unfold its 140 years of history. Member of the Oetker luxury hotel collection, the establishment has been made famous by its Villa Stéphanie, a luxury place which looks like a family home, with only 15 rooms and suites displaying a Belle Epoque style. Nestled in a park with centenary trees, the Villa Stéphanie is a place dedicated to the art of Spa and linked to a medical centre, the “Haus Julius”. The Spa of the Villa Stéphanie focuses on a few different philosophies, beauty with its wide range of treatments branded Sisley and Niance, detox and nutrition, developed by professional dieticians, health using the Shiatsu as a way to rebalance the body, Kickboxing, Yoga and martial arts. In the rooms, the innovative concept of “free e-smog” allows to totally disconnect with an “anti waves button” which allows you to turn the wifi network off whenever you want. The medical centre provides access to some experts in the following fields: dermatology, gynaecology, ophthalmology, dental surgery, cardiology, psychology, physiotherapy and nutritional coaching.