The Devil is in the Detail

A journey is never trivial. It is an experience, a window to a new world, a reality shaped by new textures. A journey creates a new dimension to life, an interlude, a counterpoint to our daily lives, helping us live better. This is the philosophy of Exclusif Voyages, a unique agency who, since 1999, has been customising tailor-made travels all over the world.
Founder of this venture, Sophie Arbib is an art, dance and fashion enthusiast. With her honest and open personality, Sophie manages the business the same way she lives her life, by following her intuitions. agence-de-voyage-de-luxe-a-paris-faubourg-saint-honoré-sophieLike a true stylist, she tests boundaries, creates new perspectives, letting her ideas materialise the dreams of travellers. These values lay at the heart of Exclusif Voyages and are adhered to, every day, by an enthusiastic team working from a cosy office located Rue Saint-Honoré.
Curious and independent, Sophie Arbib has surrounded herself with autonomous thinkers whose, sensitivities, just like hers, were shaped outside of the tourism industry. From the 15 years she spent in the contemporary dance field, including her time at the New York school of Merce Cunningham, Sophie Arbib has kept the soul of a choreograph and a deep sense of teamwork. On returning to France, by beginning this adventure, along with her sister Sabine, she made the dream they shared since childhood come true. Together, they created Exclusif Voyages, a luxury agency with a family feel.

Renowned for its professionalism, Exclusif Voyages established itself thanks to its creativity and its expertise in the delivery of customised or themed itinerary specialising in the following : art, photography, architecture, history, gastronomy, fauna, flora, or adventure. This philosophy is echoed by partners, located around the world, who share a belief in the founding principles of culture and humanism.

Carried by its curiosity, its audacity and its infectious passion, Exclusif Voyages has made its voice heard in the tourism industry, sharing its discoveries in an album filled with images and colors, which continues to write itself with every passing day.

Exclusif Voyages was one of the first agencies to be invited to be part of Traveller Made, the first European community for luxury holiday providers. This global network, gathers the most experienced specialists in the field of private custom-made travel.