Polar Bears Observation

The access is long and difficult – winter is tough and without concession. An enchantment away from any kind of nuisance – orchestrated by Churchill Wild, former family business highly involved in the protection of the environment, whose concept is to offer a unique experience with bears, these mythical Arctic’s ambassadors. During a few days of total immersion, the Winston Wild’s guest travel through the big open spaces of Canada invaded by polar bears. When ice starts to build on the shore of the Hudson Bay, the bears manage to get back to the ice field for their annual feast of predilection, the seals. agence-de-voyage-de-luxe-à-paris-specialisée-sur-le-canadaThe observation of these migratory flows is unique on the planet. On the wild small island of Seal Island, we stay in a lodge with a rustic charm. The safari defies the law of nature in the heart of the tundra. In fact, the guests of the lodge are the lucky spectators of this mind blowing decor and will probably have the chance to spot bears, who pushed by curiosity are adventurous enough to get close to the lodge. But behind the gentle walk of these big mammals hide a very strong and real personality. Each day is the opportunity to go on a discovery journey, by foot or zodiac, escorted by professional guides, to track the white bears but also rare species such as arctic foxes, lemmings, caribous, wolves, snowy owls, Gyrfalcon. Furthermore, each summer, the beluga whales gather by hundreds in Churchill’s river mouth. You then have the opportunity to put on a wetsuit and swim with them. Between the month of January and March, lights cross the sky in the middle of the night and transform into a festival of colours. These are the Northern Lights, a captivating phenomenon in this area of the north hemisphere. For all these unforgettable adventure, we can only wish that global warming, the decrease of the Arctic sea ice and the multiple pollutants won’t threaten the future of this magnificent part of the world.