Whimsical, Fogo Island Inn

Once upon a time, there was Fogo Island. In 1975, Zita Cobb is a seventeen year old girl and must leave her native island located off the shore of the Newfoundland in Canada. Nostalgic, she made the promise to herself to come back one day. About 20 years later, Zita Cobb and her brother get back to the chaotic landscape of Fogo Island, its sharp volcanic rocks, its lonely granite plain blown away by the winds, its capricious Atlantic ocean and its uncertain weather. Together, they create a foundation about art, culture and craftsmanship and start to build a luxury hotel together with the Canadian architect Todd Saunders, established in Norway. Product of their imagination, the Fogo Island Inn deploys futuristic lines as surprising as the abrupt contours of the surrounding landscape. The hotel, looking a bit like a Martian passenger ship is packed with artist’s studio from all over the island. Its design structure, inspired by the traditional houses, welcomes artists from all over the word, offering a space for loneliness favourable for inspiration and creation.agence-de-voyage-de-luxe-Canada-Fogo-Island-Inn-9

A few native communities of Fogo Island worked behind the scenes on the construction of the Fogo Island Inn, unveiling their talents as carpenters, cabinetmaker or seamstress. The women stitched all the cushions by hands and assembled thousands of multicolour fabrics for the patchworks for the beds of the 28 beds. In fact Fogo Island is the antithesis of industrialisation. Each piece of furniture, each object is manmade. The solar panel capture the energy, the spruce wood comes only from the Fogo forest, the light comes through the high bay windows of the rooms, and the rocking chair and the wood stove replicate the ancient style of the houses. The access to Fogo Island, long and complicated, is a real challenge, and yet a timeless magic emanates from this supernatural land, strange and almost familiar. A contemporary dive into the past awaits you. As the season change, we travel around the icy, verdant and misty meanders of the island by foot or by bike. We observe the whales, the icebergs and the flora, we meet the key people of the community, we fish, we admire the northern lights, we take part in the drawing workshops accompanied by an artist, we simply take the time to live… in Fogo Island.