Belmond Andean Explorer, Train travel

The first luxury train in Peru, the Belmond Andean Explorer travels across the vast areas of the Altiplano between Cusco and Lake Titicaca.

The joy of travelling by train is that it gives time a totally new dimension; it also reminds us about the railway epics which took place at the beginning of the century. Seated in the best possible seat to admire these unique landscapes, otherwise unreachable, we embark on this luxury train whose journey is organised by the Belmond luxury train organisation.

Cusco, the former Inca capital, displays its multitude of Baroque churches, its museums full of history and its narrow alleys with colonial buildings decorated with carved wooden balconies.

The locomotive of the Belmond Andean Explorer luxury train leaves Cusco to cross the heavenly plateau of the Andes and the solitary areas of the Peruvian altiplano, which one can observe from the outdoor terrace located in the observation wagon. In the 34 cabins of this palace on wheels designed by The Gallery HBA, the style, colors and materials are inspired by the Andean landscape.

The feeling is soft and harmonious with a mix of ivory, pearl grey, sand and light brown colours. At dinner time, after enjoying a Pisco Sourau at the bar, you will savour the Peruvian culinary flavors offered on the menus that were specially created by the chefs of the Belmond Monasterio in Cusco.

The train then stops at Puno, near the navy blue shores of the mythical Lake Titicaca where the floating islands of the Uros community lazily drift away. Then the rugged terrain of the famous Colca Canyon considered one of the deepest in the world appears.

At 3,400 meters, stunned by the silence and immensity of the steep gorges, we have the pleasure of admiring the majestic flights of some condors, jumping off the cliffs and gliding in suspension, as if floating in the air, playing with the wind. During these 2 nights aboard – whilst conquering the vertiginous heights or Peru, the Belmond Andean Explorer offers a tailor-made discovery of the Colca Canyon. Its main attraction in this region is the Sumbay caves, which shelter the rock art of the first men to have populated the Altiplano.

The journey ends in the white volcanic city of Arequipa, set in the shadow of the Misti volcano, where you can visit the ancient cloisters and monasteries, including the Santa Catalina Convent.