Exploration with the Bushmen

Reminiscence of a charming nomadic population, the Bushmen, established in the heart of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, arouse your imagination. Since many centuries, they are hunters and gatherers and they still perpetuate their ritual and traditions despite all the harassment they are subject to with the diamond exploration. The private luxury camping site, set up in the heart of the Kalahari offers the experience of an incomparable journey.agence-de-voyage-de-luxe-bostwana-Exploration-avec-les-Bushmen-2 The arid plains extend all the way to the eye can see. This relentless landscape is the set up for our first meeting with the indigenous population, the Bushmen, population which has been immortalised by the French movie “Les dieux sont tombés sur la tête” and portrayed as a brave, tolerant and cunning population. The immersion in the Bushmen’s daily life is a unique opportunity to share their philosophy and views on life. It is above all, a community who, for its survival, counts on the collective contribution from everyone. A private camp, simple and exclusive, surprises with some discreet luxury touches : linen tablecloths, silverware and diner under the stars. The Bushmen show us the best hospitality one could imagine. As the days go by, we start to understand the savannah through the Bushmen’s teachings. They explain their implication in the protection of the fauna and flora, the way by which the elders create their own weapons to chase animals and to practise the art of hunting with traditional bow arrow. Their reading of the desert is also very surprising, as if each detail, even insignificant, was a remarkable signage point. The women invite you to the village to elaborate a typical meal, to pick medicinal plants or for an unexpected initiation to the tribal dance, important ritual that allows them to communicate with God and fight against the bad spirits. The kids, constant source of marvel, are never punished. As the night comes down, we gather around the camp fire where we dance and we sing. The Bushmen consider themselves as our ancestors and meeting them is making us closer, in a way, to our past.