Elephant Back Safari

“Let’s go – move up!” – The silence of the savannah is broken by Chris’ voice, a Mahout at Abu’s camp in Botswana. Proudly sitting on the head of his elephant, he guides it through the flooded plains of the Okavango whilst punctuating the expeditions with orders perfectly understood by the animal. agence-de-voyage-de-luxe-safari-Botswana-hotel-Abu-s-Camp-7Abu’s Camp is a pioneer camp and has been offering for more than 20 years, the unique experience of Elephant back Safari in a natural environment. No vehicle around, no noise pollution, the observation of animals from the elephant’s back promises a really authentic adventure. The reinsuring expertise of the Mahout team, most of them are Botswana natives, gives you the chance to feel and experience the environment. Under the guidance of Joe, nicknamed “Big Joe”, the mammals are tamed with devotion and respect. Together, they don’t manage a herd of elephants but individuals, they take in account their personality. That is how Cathy, the matriarch born in Uganda, has a wise personality which is used to positively influence the group. The baby elephants bring some joy to the safaris with their cheekiness and will soon be part of the group. This will soon be the case of the young Paseka, baby elephant found in Easter 2009 (hence her name) after she was abandoned by her herd after an attack from the hyenas. Every day, we trundle around through the bush, following the swaying rhythm of the elephants, in a marching order established according to the group’s preferences. The Mahouts explain that for most of them, they chose this activity without imagining being able to create such strong bonds with the bush’s giants. With experience, they learn to decipher their language; their muffled grunt and their incredible vibrations whose infrasound reach can go as far as 10 or 20 km. But the elephants must be happy and wanting to learn. The tourist won’t rule it, elephants come first. If an elephant manifest some signs of sadness, the decision will be taken to send him back to his natural environment. The Mahout and his elephant would then go back to the savannah to find a place for an enclosure. The elephant wanders as he pleases but his instinct takes him back every night to find the security of the enclosure and the reinsuring presence of his Mahout. One night, though, he won’t come back… The Mahout will get back to Abu’s Camp by himself.