The Southern Route

Exclusif Voyages has partnered with Maison des Rêves to offer The Southern Route, a nomadic itinerary of six nights through the oasis in the south of Morocco. Initiated by the owner of Dar Alham, Thierry Teyssier, the journey on the Berber tracks feels like an immersion in the heart of astonishing landscapes. Just like every creation signed by Maison des Rêves, the Southern Route will surprise you with some improvised unexpected set ups.agence-de-voyage-de-luxe-Route-du-Sud-Maroc 26 As the days go by, we discover the vast plains filled with palm trees, the huge walis with their palpable aridity, the canyons and rocks like in the Wild West, the sand dunes where one can feel, like a floating mirage, the reminiscences of the Little Prince. Gradually, the adventure is growing in intensity and emotion to reach an unrivalled climax. Whether you are two, four or six people, the route is totally private with a guide, an assigned butler and enough 4×4 vehicles to enjoy the adventure in total intimacy. The Route also offers some nice flavours… Thierry Alix, free spirit of the kitchen, was inspired by natural and traditional Moroccan produces to create its gastronomic menu. The sweet treats are signed by Pierre Hermé and Philippe Conticini, the masters of the Pâtisseries des Rêves. When we embark on this journey, we lose our bearings. We swap our modern suitcase for ancient trunks. Wherever we go, little rituals like having almond milk and an orange flavoured “Merveille” brighten our day and are given as a sign of good fortune. In the lush valley of the Arganiers, the Maison des Arganiers welcomes you. Set on a steep hillside, the dry stone building overlooks the untouched plains as far as the eye can see. The crooked staircase of the house creates intimate spaces and little perched corners where one just feels like seating and contemplating the horizon. The furniture, sober and contemporary blends with the natural raw materials. A few things to enjoy as you first arrive: a stroll to the beach with a fruity break and the visit of the natural park of Souss Massa. The day after, we follow the tracks crossing the lush palm tree plantation of Tighmert all the way until the pisé walls of the Maison de l’Oasis, the trip’s second stop. This building with character is a compromise between the tent and the traditional Moroccan houses. Here, off-white fabrics, net, ruby embroidery inspired from Mauritania, antiques chests and wooden furniture stand together in harmony. We explore the neighbouring Akka and the Agadir of Amtoudi. The journey continues until Issafem. Near a village of women, the Maison Rouge is a place for a break, a place outside of time. If you stay silent, you will be able to hear the whispering noise of the hot water source which quenches the village’s thirst. Inside the wide walls of the Maison Rouge, the colonial style gives the sensation of going back in time. Like an electric wire, red is omnipresent in the house, painted on one of the room’s walls, embroidered on the linen and stamped on the cutlery by the local people. Facing the mountain range, the Maison Rouge is the starting point for a picnic in the collective attic of Ait Kin, a building formerly used for stocking. And then, the track wears off under the desert sand situated near the dried lake of Iriki. A luxury bivouac, poetic metaphor of the nomadic customs, is set up around the bend of a sand dune. This refined camping site is composed of private tents where we find again the ivory fabrics, the big cushions on the ground along with the thick carpets, the country looking bathroom, and many warm colour flickering lanterns. The day after, Dar Ahlam welcomes you for the two last magical nights. This famous red stone palace which once belonged to a Sultan is a sanctuary where each moment is transformed in a surprise, in a picnic in the heart of the Roses Valley, in a rural aperitif when the sun sets, in a romantic diner under the palm tress… A book of tales where day after day new emotions are written..

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