Mongolia’s Wind

Mongolia embodies some rare values through its interpretation of time, its fusion with the environment and its Buddhist culture. No sophistication, no material comfort, only the spirit of generosity and the beauty of an exceptional environment. It is the perfect illustration of immaterialized luxury and contributes to a feeling of authenticity.agence-de-voyage-de-luxe-à-paris-specialisée-sur-la-mongolie-7

It is after a meeting with our French partner who fell in love with the destination 15 years ago, that we formulated the wish to add some Mongolian experiences to our portfolio. His passion and understanding of the local life lead him to initiate private itinerary in yurts, respecting nomadic traditions without any compromise. “Under these conditions, meeting people becomes interesting and not for monetary reasons”. Indeed you need to embody humility to fly toward these untouched areas of Mongolia and face with bravery the rough travelling conditions. In the central area of Mongolia, called the Arkhangai which culminates at 2000 metres high, times stops in front of these huge steppe areas, in the valleys, by the sleeping volcanoes or the boiling fury of the torrents. Contemplation here is a way of life, a way to abandon yourself to time and space. The initiatory journey continues around the ancient monasteries and gives you the opportunity to perceive the ancient customs of the Khalkh, this nomadic population. The private yurt camp is mobile and follows the camp of the nomadic shepherd population. You will follow the shepherds, stepping on their herd footprints, lost in the high pastures blown by the winds. Guided by outstanding horse riders, you will be on the lookout for some archaeological remains dating from the Neolithic and Palaeolithic times. In the evening, you will taste the Khorkhog -this culinary speciality dating from the conquest of the landlords, vodka and traditional songs under the main yurt. Festivities are a key element of the Mongol culture and resonate even more in the heart of these oversized landscapes.