South America

Uxua Casa

Located in the village of Trancoso in Brazil, the Uxua Casa hotel comes straight from Wilbert Das’ imagination, the artistic director of the famous brand Diesel who fell in love with this little Brazilian paradise. The Uxua Casa resonates as an anthem to the local culture and the craftsmanship of Bahia. Indeed, Wilbert Das worked closely with Brazilian craftsmen and made a point to use natural material and traditional techniques. The hotel is composed of villas or “casas”. Some of them open up to the Quadrado de Trancoso and are restored fishermen cabanas dating from the 16th century. The bright colours of the house set the place with colours such as cobalt blue, fuchsia pink, or aniseed green. Inside, the canopy beds stand alongside art pieces from Bahia, and the braided branches, canvas sheets, cotton, greyed wood, clay and coco fibre stand alongside. These little houses are surrounded by lush gardens and also have sumptuous open ceiling bathrooms, and a remarkable swimming pool, made of more than 40 000 green quartz chips with therapeutic virtues. On top of this, you can enjoy the Spa where soaps and plant based oils are completely organic, a fusion cuisine where the fish of the day is an important component, some Capoeira and popular dances lessons, and a unique Beach Bar, conceived in the hull of a renovated fishing boat.