Jack’s Camp

Jack’s camp brings a distinctive touch to luxury safari. In the desert-like region of Makgadikgadi, the Kalahari Desert reveals an astonishing and moving sight with plains spreading as far as the eye can see, covered in glistening yellow grass. At the end of these plains looms a salt pan, its immaculate horizon flickering in the distance. A complete silence hovers over this lunar landscape, only to be interrupted by the wind’s whisper. In the 1960’s, the pioneer Jack Bousfield, fell under the spell of Kalahari and decided to establish an authentic luxury camp, which will later be named after him. Jack’s Camp is now managed by his son, Ralph Bousfield. It is with an honest and generous smile, that he talks with love about Kalahari where he grew up and remembers with simplicity his father’s personality. The style of Jack’s Camp recalls the original atmosphere of the camp : canopy beds, sophisticated fabrics of ruby red colour and antique furniture. A rustic atmosphere only lit at night by kerosene lamps. Some of the activities on offer are : meerkat watching, walks with the Bushmen and teaching the rudiments of their day to day life, quad expedition in the salt plans.