Abu’s Camp

Highly involved in the research and protection project called “Elephants for Africa”, Abu’s camp is located on a private concession of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. It is the only luxury camp that has been offering safari on back of elephants for more than 20 years. The adventure the camp offers is truly unique and authentic and doesn’t feel like a touristic experience. The story of Abu’s Camp is one of a family of elephants and humans, the Mahouts, who proudly guide elephants through the savannah and connect with them with love and respect. The camp is made of 6 different luxury tents. All of them are different and have a colonial style, mixing different style of furniture such as antique chest, travel trunks, straw hats, and sepia framed photos. On the safari side, elephants roam the savannah with babies by their side. A happy herd whose playfulness brightens the path ahead. Following the swaying rhythm if the elephants, in a peaceful atmosphere with no interruption, we can spot colourful birds, shy giraffes, delicate antelopes and curious hippopotamus. The elephants are constantly talking their own language, a muted growl coming from the deepest part of their body whose vibrations we can feel.