Savute Elephant Camp

In the north of Botswana, the Chobe National Park is home to the Savute Reserve. The reserve is quite dry and combines bushy savannah and large grassy plains where tree trunks stand lonely and are being eaten away by the greedy elephants. Facing a large watering hole where elephants like to come and play, the luxury tents built on stilts, combine comfort and elegance. The large canopy beds equipped with mosquito nets and their soft, sandy and brown colours evoke the colours of the savannah. The 4×4 safaris represent the opportunity to observe the high concentration of elephants of the Savute Reserve, but also to spot numerous lions and leopards. When the sun sets, the boma camp fire starts of the joyous aperitif time. Meanwhile the elephants are still romping in the water, making splashing and grunting noises.