Fundu Lagoon

Off the coast of Zanziar, Fundu Lagoon is hidden on the wild island of Pemba. The luxurious vegetation and the translucent waters are the backdrop for this lodge where one lives barefoot and in total simplicity. A way of life comparable to Robinson Crusoe on an island almost cut off from the word. The bungalows in wood and canvas open up to the trade winds and offer a totally natural style with their bamboo furniture, their mosquito net and their braided mats. The frames are made with palm, there is no clear separation between the inside and the outside and also no sign of ostentation. The beach comes and goes as the tide decides, unveiling sand strips emerging from the turquoise water of the lagoon. At Fundu Lagoon, our time is spent lazing around, diving and snorkelling over this exceptional reef, going on boat trips or on excursions to the neighbouring island.