Jawai Leopard Camp

The rocks of granite, whose shadow reminds us of the kopje, raise in front of the Jawai Bandh lake where a pink flamingo colony has landed… Around us, the bushy savannah appears as a safe haven for the big cats. We almost feel as if we were in Africa, until we spot, off the track the silhouette of an Indian Rabari shepherd, dressed with a ruby coloured turban. Half way between Jodhpur and Udaipur, Jawai Leopard Camp celebrates India in a different way. Its amazing location, in an untouched region where caves, steep plains and Aravelli hills can be found, makes it possible to track leopards. Inside the 10 luxury tents, leather and steel are featured. With this explosive but lovely combination, Jawai Leopard Camp evokes colonial Africa with a touch of contemporary design. It dares to combine black, white, red and camel, chandeliers, silverware and metal trunks. The daily life evolves around 4×4 safaris, walking safaris to observe the leopards, birds, crocodiles or antelopes. Jawai Leopard Camp is also close to the cultural site of Kumbalgarh Fort, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and close to the Jaïns temples of Ranakpur. The experience is very much inspired from an African one : lunch in the bush and bushfire under the stars.