Pashan Garh

The Pashan Garh offers an Indian version of a luxury safari and a different approach of India. Member of the luxury lodges collection of the Taj Hotels & Resort chain and of the famous African company &Beyond, Pashan Garh is buried in the jungle of the Panna National Park, only a few kilometres away from the famous group of erotic temples of Khajurâho. Built on a slight elevation, the hotel reveals a superb view over Panna, the landscape varying from rainforest, valleys and gorges. The atmosphere of the 12 cottages built with the region’s dry stone is inspired from the African style : fabrics in chocolate coloured linen, sandy tones, furniture with ebony hues, large beds in the middle of the room and facing the bay window, chandeliers… North of Madhya Pradesh, the National Park of Panna is one of the biggest reserves in India. The safaris in open-roof 4×4 and organised by professionals of the environment, represent the opportunity to track leopards, wolves, bears, hyenas, antelopes, boars, hundreds of different species of birds, as well as the opportunity to observe the crocodiles in the Ken river.