Ignoring the stereotypes of the Cyclades, Aman chose the wild scrubland of the Peloponese to create the mineral universe of the Amanzoe. On top of the headland overlooking the valley, the white building of the Amanzoe reflects the sharp light of the end of the afternoon. Amanzoe means “Peace” and “Life”. We couldn’t have dreamt of a better combination for this peaceful place where silent is only interrupted by the whistle of the wind and the sound of the crickets. Faithful to the sober style of the Aman, the graphic lines of the Amanzoe blend with the neutral tones of the furniture and its contemporary inspiration. Under the outdoor veranda, extended by a large terrace where the private swimming pool act as a poetic hyphen with the countryside, the Amanzoe is an invitation to contemplation. We very easily enjoy simple pleasures such as a Yoga class at dawn, a lazy day at the private beach located a few minutes away, tasting of the Peloponese wines, massage with lavender and orange blossom essential oils at the Aman Spa. A trip at the Amanzoe wouldn’t be complete without a quick boat trip to the island of Hydra. Hydra is a picturesque piece of land where we can stroll in the harbour full of colourful fishing boats and in the narrow passageways full of ruffled cats. Not long ago, the Amanzoe conceived 4 pavilions called “Beach Cabanas”. Astutely built on the private beach of the hotel, the terraces of these pavilions benefit from a private access to the sea.