Indian Ocean

Denis Private Island

Denis Island in The Seychelles spans over 375 hectares of untouched nature. Denis Private Island is an estate run by a family from the Seychelles and counts only 25 cottages and villas. The island is made up of paths crossing through the jungle and the long beaches. The sand merges with the ocean turquoise water to create a landscape one would find on a postcard. The atmosphere on Denis Private Island is simple and friendly. On the island, children are welcome and will enjoy family activities such as discovering the fauna and flora of the Seychelles. Highly involved in the protection of the environment and the ecology, the family of Denis Private Island recycles, cultivates local fruits and vegetables and protects endangered species such as birds and turtles. On top of the opportunity for sheer laziness, we can also take part in nautical activities; the island is particularly renowned for the quality of its game fishing.