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Our first picture in Sydney is taken from the ultra smart Park Hyatt and features the unique architecture of the famous Sydney Opera House, colossal project of the Danish John Utzon, and which became one of the main symbols of Australia. Stroll in the historical area of The Rocks whilst crossing the suburbs of Rose Bay, Vaucluse and Paddigton, unveiling some restored Victorian houses. Not far from the Circular Quay walks, the shiny high rises of Pitt Street and George Street stand alongside some old red bricks buildings. Last glimpse over the Harbour Bridge before leaving for Cairns, in Queensland. agence-de-voyage-de-luxe-Australie 28The area is best discovered from the sky, from a helicopter where the maze of sandy islets and coral reefs divulge a mosaic of subtle blue colours making us wonder about the incredible under-water show. We land on the Silky Oaks Lodge track, after flying past the meanders of the Daintree National Park, a crocodile lair. This immediately charming eco-lodge, composed of cabins on stilts, surfaces from one of the oldest indigenous forest still alive in the world. Accompanied by an Aboriginal guide, we leave for the impressive Mossman George whose medicinal virtues still contribute to the well-being of the autochthones tribes. The next morning, at dawn, more adventures await us near Darwin in the Northern Territory. The flight at low altitude is picturesque but the panorama heading towards the Kakadu National Park announces an outstanding escape. A vague reminiscence of the Okavango Delta, coming from the ocean and heading towards the Mary River, shades of jungle green, salt pans and red earth. The opened Land Rover takes us to Bamurru Plains. After a quick indispensable security briefing – the buffalos live here without any fences in their own environment – we discover our tent facing the swampy plain. At first sight quite surprising, almost unfinished, built on wooden poles, it is made of corrugated iron and 3 mosquito nets acting as walls, allowing for no possible negotiation with Mother Nature. The following day, at dawn, the Air Boat await us for an exhilarating trip on the drowned plains of the Mary River. Buffalo herds dive with all their corpulence in the swamp; skimming past the engine… We leave this territory of the North with regrets. After a quick stop at Alice Spring and a meeting with the actors of Flying Doctor, we uncover the red silhouette of Uluru, as the aboriginal mythology refers to it or Ayers Rock for the westerners ! Getting closer, the impression is even more spectacular, the block of an intangible red, vibrates in contact with the desert. The aboriginal venerates it like an all mighty god and make sure that the curious visitors don’t start climbing up his sacred slope. This millennial magic, Longitude 131° grabbed it, creating a hotel perfectly integrated with the environment. After a last excursion at sunset, Longitude 131°, set in the middle of nowhere, arouse our taste buds with delicate flavours and meals deliciously prepared. The day after, we take a big turn south towards Adelaide and depart from a propeller aircraft of the Regional Air Company towards Kangaroo Island, the island hosting an incredible wild fauna, with its 21 national parks. In direct contact with the Ocean, Southern Ocean Lodge creates an ultra modern hotel at Hanson Bay. This places which resembles no other, plays with prodigious volumes, a rounded interior decoration, sober natural materials, and an art of living that only isolation can offer. White sand dunes bordering the steep hills, Eucalyptus forest until the eye can see, farms, a breath of fresh air superseded by a fabulous encounter with the indigenous fauna which you can meet from very close : kangaroos, koalas, sea lions, seals…

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