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Brazil / Travel Story

Just like its traditional Caïpirinha, Brazil has a taste of tangy sugar and exuberance. Following the perpetual movement of Rio de Janeiro, our trip is filled with varied discoveries and with the urban and tropical jungle for background. agence-de-voyage-de-luxe-récit-de-voyage-au-brésil-2Through the clouds, Chris the Redeemer raises his hands to heaven whilst at the summit of the Sugar Loaf parades the incredible panorama of the Guanabara Bay. We quickly leave the aesthetically perfect beaches to go for a walk in Santa Teresa, home to many hidden artistic workshops and rehabilitation projects. One of these projects, called Morrinho, is a unique piece created by the youth of the Pereira da Silva community. It represents a modern vision of a favela through the use of recycled materials and and was declared contemporary work of art at the 2007 Venice Biennale. Above Santa Teresa, the tropical jungle Tijuca covers the city in emerald tones. When it is time for a drink, the old tram takes us to Copacabana, filled with an enthusiast crowd of people of all colours. We have a drink at the elegant terrace of Copacabana Palace or at the popular bars of Lapa where the furious rhythm of samba and Brazilian pop come to the street. Feeling the beats of this joyful music, we can’t stop but dream of more things to discover… Such as the multicolour features of Pelourinho, the historical suburb of Salvador de Bahia. We head back to the Sao Joaquim markets where the “Baianas” in their traditional costumes carry their sacred herbs whilst a Capoeira demonstration – this mix between a martial art and a tribal dance – is improvised. Under the porch of the Baroque Churches, the colourful bracelets, symbol of good luck are hanging, moving with the wind. We swap the African and colonial soul of Brazil for the little village of Trancoso on the border of the Atlantic Ocean. In this village, Wilbert Das, Diesel’s former artistic director, has transformed the fishermen sheds in a simply crafted little haven facing the Quadrado. Under the wild vegetation that borders the beach, converted in a cocktail bar, we secretly enjoy the 60’s bohemian atmosphere of the “Trancoso Hippie”.


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