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Peru / Travel Story

Despite the impatience and curiosity one experiences at the start of a new journey, the trip start slowly, at the heart of the phantasmagorical meander of the Peruvian Amazonia. The luxury atmosphere of the boat Aqua Expeditions seduces us straight away. Gliding through the famous Amazon River, we admire the tropical scenery watching pink dolphins, papagayos, shouting monkeys and toucans flirt together. Well rested, we abandon the jungle to fly over the mountains surrounding the Sacred Valley, the fertile land blessed by the gods, brushed by the Rio Urubamba. The valley reveals Salines de Maras, the patchwork of salt evaporations ponds which can explored by foot. A few days suffice in order to explore the area by bike and visit the inescapable market of Pisac before leaving the area from the picturesque train station of Aguas Calientes, on board the luxurious train from the Hiram Bingham legend. Whilst the train climbs up toward the summit, all the way to Macchu Picchu – the enigmatic Inca’s lost city – we enjoy the rugged landscape sipping a cocktail, comfortably seated in the panoramic bar carriage. agence-de-voyage-pérou-récit-de-voyage-pérou-machu-picchu-2Then, in a mesmerising silence, appear the fortifications of the Macchu Picchu citadel, standing watch over its secrets. At dawn, we explore the site still empty under the veil of the morning mist. The trip continues on board another train which takes us to the doorstep of the antique Cusco, renowned for its beauty and baroque churches, old convent, patios and balcony sculpted in wood. The multitude of museum in the city tells the history of the Spanish conquest whilst the famous Monasterio hotel, laying on an Inca’s Palace’s ruins; offers a taste of Peruvians meals under its patio’s archways. Finally, the celestial Andean plateau reaches vertiginous heights on the shore of the mythical Titicaca Lake, where the floating island of Uros drift away. In the reed boats, we spot women with high cheeckbones and weathered face, knitting colourful shawls. At sunset, their vaporous texture warms up the traditional “Happy Hours” of the minimalist hotel Titicaca, which we enjoy whilst seating on the wooden terrace overlooking the lake…

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