Bhutan / Travel Story

A light mystical mist floats on Paro… We land on a 2 km fast track, really close to two inhabited valleys ! Welcome to the “Country of Pure Happiness”, the tiny lamaist kingdom of Bhutan. As we set foot in Bhutan, our first steps are wobbly; the air is pure and exhilarating. Immediately we feel like believing in the promise of spirituality and tolerance, as per the image the media gives us about this country. agence-de-voyage-de-luxe-Bhoutan 17The smile of the guide at our arrival is unequivocal and guarantees a generous hospitality for the rest of the trip. In Paro, this little city nestled in the heart of the valley, we breathe in the values of this pacifist population who sees tradition as a chance and not as burden. Sheltered in ancient monasteries, the monks wearing ruby red coloured gown, whisper messages of hopes whilst meditating. Later, we visit the colourful market of Thimpu where the Bhutanese merchants proudly showcase their cheese selections, yak butter and other dried meats. Filled with symbolic prayers flags whose sharp clapping interrupt the silence, the sacred majestic temples of Punakha overlooks the river. A few hours away from there, the abrupt Gangtey valley visited by many migratory birds is so bare, raw and inspiring. By night, the intimate lodges, with their contemporary style, transform in little nests dedicated to the art of massage. The panorama of this timeless high latitude beauty and the walk up to the solitary Tiger’s Nest are the final touch of mystery of our trip. Here, at approximately 3000 metres high, the pilgrims chant their prayers aiming at the Bhutanese sky, with a joyful fervour. We will remain silent until it is time to leave…

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