Inde Rajasthan / Travel Story

Rajasthan sketches out like in a dream with its mysterious palaces and voluptuous spices. From the quivering colonial city of Delhi, to the poignant curves of the lace-like building called Taj Mahal, the artistic beauty of India is only just starting. agence-de-voyage-de-luxe-récit-de-voyage-en-inde-2Agra gives way to the rose sandstone architecture of Jaipur imagined by a prince of Maharajah who was fond of astronomy. The swarming alleyways, filled with stalls and bazaars contrast with the silent moucharabiehs of the Palace of Wind where the courtesans use to hide. This poetic interlude continues in the Taj Lake Palace of Udaipur, floating like a marble mirage on the water of Lake Pichola. This former Palace is composed of abundant vegetation and a crisscross of interior courtyards. Udaipur, the city of dawn reveals the glass wall of its old winter home, the City Palace. The intense alchemy of Rajasthan also reaches the blue city of Jodhpur. The narrow alleys with lavender tones overlooked by the imposing royal Fort Mehrangarh, swarmed with merchants wearing bright turbans and women with their graceful stance and their silky veils floating in the air. A milky tea called Chai is served in the welcoming living area of the Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace and quenches our thirst before embarking on the journey into the Desert. Crushed by the sun, at the frontier with the Thar dunes, the citadel of Jaisalmer reveals its havelis in wrought stone above the steppes. On the road of the former caravanners, the Serai Camp ad its suites offer a well deserved short break. Our stroll finishes in Bombay in the dhobi ghâts area, where hundreds of launderer work hard, lost under an intriguing mosaic of linen drying in the Wind…


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