Vietnam / Travel Story

Under the anthracite sky of Vietnam, legends and history mingle with the sensual scents of Southeast Asia. It is said that a dragon would have smashed the land with his powerful tail, leaving a trail of dust islets posed over the waters of Halong Bay. agence-de-voyage-vietnam-récit-de-voyage-au-vietnam-halong-3Mesmerising, despite its tourist success, Halong evaporates into a tenuous silence to give way to the legendary Hanoi. Through the wrought iron canopies and the shutters and their French colonial inspiration, at The Metropole Hotel we experience the night life of the 36 corporations’ suburb. Here the art of living is in the street and the Vietnamese tame space; spreading their shops on the pavement. After this effervescence, the charming destination of Hoi An provides a breath of fresh air by the sea. The villas with their sober and contemporary design of Nam Hai, are the perfect place to stop for sheer laziness by the sea. The trip wouldn’t be complete without a cultural stopover in the former imperial capital of Hué, bordered by the romantic Perfume River. A city erected with Beijing as a template, where we can admire palace, citadel, ponds and decor of the Ming times. Before tasting a “Pho” in the old Saigon, the Mekong and its aquatic meanders invites you to the dream. The delta is home to some old mandarin’s houses, lush green canals, poetics orchards and floating markets. Tonight we will sleep and dream in a charming establishment, member of the Victoria hotel Chain. The fleeting appearance of a Vietnamese woman dressed in the traditional costume will greet the traveller before his departure. Elegant and distinguished, she swiftly escapes, revealing the white bare skin from her heaps. The “emotion triangle”, an incarnation of the subtle beauty of Vietnam, reminds us of the nostalgic tales from Marguerite Duras’ books


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