Although it has become an important economic power, China hasn’t lost its mysterious soul. Beijing, with its wide avenues and their permanent flow of vehicles and bicycles, has claimed the title of international megalopolis. Beijing is a very modern city but also showcases the image a more traditional China with the Forbidden City, the Tien Anmen square, the Sky Temple or the Summer Palace. Shanghai is the capital of the south and is changing very quickly although it still retains some old quarters. The city is also characterized by high rises and glass buildings, boardwalk by the Yangzi River bordered by building from the 30s, old town and its alleyways and gardens. Nestled in a glass cubical on top of the world, old palace or traditional home, the luxury hotels selected by Exclusif Voyages to enhance our itinerary, offer the choice between a trip immersed in a contemporary universe or an atmosphere evocating the big Chinese dynasties.