Located in the south of Asia, India reveals its multiple facets through a kaleidoscope of climates, landscapes, religions and ethnic groups. The India of the maharajas in Rajasthan inspired our travel story with its magical cities with its blue and ochre architecture, its golden fortress and its white palaces. In the South of the country a more verdant and exotic India with its spices, colonial cities and backwaters is also worth a visit. Little known by the public, there also is the India eager to preserve its fauna, by creating animal reserves where one can observe tigers. Located in the middle of the country, at cable length from the famous temples of Kajuraho, the reserve of Panna offers safaris in the jungle. Finally, India reveals its spiritual charm with places which offer an Ayurvedic and detox experience. Also, nestled at the footstep of the Himalaya, the Ananda hotel attracts not only the yoga and meditation adepts but also the traveller searching for balance and well-being experience.