Located at the western end of the steppe in central Asia, Mongolia offers the loneliness of its high altitude landscapes and the frenetic modernity of its capital, Ulan Bator. Heritage of the Mongol Empire and for a long time governed by the Manchu dynasty Quing, the country has received some influence from Russia and China. Ulan Bator, at the edge of the Tuul River, is composed of large avenues and the building which are being erected there are increasingly modern. The continuous flow of vehicle is sometimes interrupted by the passing of a horseman. Indeed, the wilderness and its sacred mountains, the plains and forests, come all the way to the entrance of the town. Exclusif Voyages chose to offer a traditional experience with the nomadic population of Mongolia, in a private yurt mobile camp, taking the traveller through the high plains of the Arkhangai, a region in the centre of Mongolia whose blowing winds culminate at 2000 metres.