Bordered to the North by the Alps, Italy extends into the Mediterranean Sea with its long peninsula, the famous Italian boot. Renowned for the softness of its landscapes strewn by cypresses, Tuscany is a large province located in the central western part of the country. Ultimate cultural destination, Florence is the birth place of the golden age: the Renaissance and the city of the many artists who have made their mark in Italian literature and art: Michel Angelo; Leonardo de Vinci, Botticelli, Boccace, Dante… In Italy, it is impossible to miss visiting the romantic lakeside city of Venice or experiencing the “Dolce Vita in Vespa” on the Amalfitan coast. The luxury hotels recommended by Exclusif Voyages in Tuscany, Florence, in Venice, on the coast or in the province of Matera in the south of the country, all offer a beautiful experience of Italy, all with gastronomic, cultural and bucolic components.